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NFI Crab Council employs a full time Crab Sustainability Envoy.  Based in South East Asia, the Envoy acts as the Crab Council’s “boots-on-the-ground,” regional coordinator for our sustainability efforts.  Whether stock-rebuilding in the Philippines, addressing stakeholder groups in Indonesia, or bringing together FIP partners in Sri Lanka, the Envoy is the Crab Council’s sustainability field general.  Working with a variety of in-country trade-associations, local governments, NGO’s, academia and researchers, the Envoy works to ensure fishery needs are being addressed in all our projects.

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Sustainable Envoy Activities-January 2018

January was a productive month full of meetings and coordination. 08 January 2018, Control Document training was held in Semarang and attended by all auditors of APRI, SFP, NFI Crab Council and Crab Group of the Diponegoro University. The importance of an independent Control Document system was highlighted as a tool for responsible supply chain […]

Sustainable Envoy Activities-November 2017

Indonesia, SFP Indonesia Fisheries Forum 14-15 November 2017 Sustainable Fisheries Partnership hosted an Indonesia Fisheries Forum November 14-15. One focus of the discussion centered on issues of compliance. I and Bambang of APRI facilitated a dialogue session on blue swimming crab. The discussion’s consensus called for better coordination between industry and government to produce effective […]

Sustainable Envoy Activities- May 2017

In May, I carried out a full itinerary of travels and meetings throughout Indonesia.  At the beginning of the month, May 8-9th there was a BSC Fishery Management Planning meeting in Lampung hosted by the local fisheries office. The workshop was attended by most members of the provincial and national team and other stakeholders. The […]

Sustainability Envoy Activities–April 2017

In April, I made a site visit to Demak. The visit was facilitated by the BSC Team of the Diponegoro University and was also accompanied by 28 persons representing the provincial Marine and Fisheries Office, Provincial Legal Bureau, District fisheries office, the University and BSC fishing community. The focus of the visit was on BSC […]

Sustainability Envoy Activities–March 2017

Seafood Expo North America During March, I attended the Seafood Expo North America. The NFI Crab Council Meeting at Boston SENA 2017 was an excellent opportunity to meet important members and people related to BSC fisheries and better understand the council companies’ approach and commitment to crab sustainability. I addressed the council about my work […]

Sustainability Envoy February Activities

February was a month of emerging initiatives for the blue swimming crab sustainability movement with FIP preparations meetings in India, policy meetings in Sri Lanka and the launch of a new sustainability strategy by the Walton Family Foundation in Indonesian. India At the beginning of the month, I attended a meeting put on by Crab […]

Sustainability Envoy’s January Activities

2017 is off to a busy start with field-travel to the Philippines and management meetings in Indonesia Philippines At the beginning of January, I visited the Philippines to get up to speed on PACPI’s management of the blue swimming crab fishery. The Philippine’s FIP is progressing significantly, following a gap analysis in 2014. My visit […]

Sustainability Envoy November Activities

APRI is moving forward with its Control Document implementation. November 23-26, I participated in an auditor training course in Surabaya put on by APRI and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). There were 9 trainees in attendance with backgrounds in industry auditing and fishery research. Leading the course, Juan Manuel of SFP emphasized the importance of an […]

Envoy September Activities

On September 5th, The University of Diponegoro (UNDIP) hold a Senate meeting where Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ms Susi Pudjiastuti, was a key speaker. She emphasized the role Indonesia, as a major maritime state, needs to play in ensuring fishery sustainability, securing livelihoods and maintaining national sovereignty. She also underlined Indonesia’s achievements in […]

Off and Running–Dr. Ghofar summarizes his opening months with the Crab Council

Now two months into the new job, I am getting up to speed fast as the Crab Council’s Crab Sustainability Envoy. The blue swimming crab sustainability movement in Southeast Asia is a vast effort with numerous stakeholder groups. I have been spending these opening weeks on the job meeting with FIP managers, government personnel and […]