The NFI Crab Council sponsors comprehensive sustainability projects throughout Southeast Asia. Working with in-country businesses, NGOs and government organizations the Crab Council identifies fishery needs and assists in creating and implementing Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to further bolster crab stocks. Implementing management frameworks, fishery stock assessment, crab hatcheries, gear exchange programs, sustainability outreach, education and setting sourcing standards are just a few of the ongoing Crab Council funded efforts. Please find on this page: documents, FIP progress, project announcements and updates and learn more about the Crab Council sustainability work.

Projects for Blue Swimming Crabs

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Blue Swimming Crab FIP is managed by the Seafood Exporters’ Association of Sri Lanka (SEASL).


The Indonesian FIP is managed by the Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Product Association (APRI). Formed in 2007, APRI was the first in-country trade association to work with the NFI Crab Council.


The Philippine FIP is managed by the Philippine Association of Crab Processors (PACPI). Operating primarily out of the Visayas area, PACPI represents the majority of Philippine crab producers.


The Thai FIP is managed by the Thai Crab Product Group (TCPG) under the Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA). Education, stock enhancement and Co-management with fisher communities are FIP highlights.


The Vietnam FIP is managed by the Crab Council of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) in partnership with the WWF-Mekong. VASEP represents 90% of Vietnam crab exports.


The Indian BSC FIP was founded in 2017 and is managed by the Crab Meat Processors Association (CMPA)