Crab Meat Processors Association (CMPA)

The Crab Meat Processors Association of India was  formed in 2017 to promote the crab meat industry in various aspects

  • Unite all crab meat processors to improve the crab meat industry in India
  • To involve in Fishermen Social improvement activities
  • To move with Govt. for Fishery regulations and for export promotions
  • To implement FIP for crab conservation in India
  • CMPA has taken up the FIP very actively in the Middle of 2017 after several meetings with Crab Council Representatives.
  • CMPA is taking lead in involving other organizations such MPEDA (Marine Products Export Development Authority), CMFRI (Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute), WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) , Fisheries Colleges /Universities for achieving sustainable resource management.

Fishery Background

A majority of BSCs landings occur in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay of South East coast. The BSC fishery is highly seasonal in the west coast, however, BSC are landed about 8 months in Gulf of Kutch in the Gujarat state.  The landing is about 600 – 800 metric tons from the west coast. On the East coast, from the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay where the BSC are landed throughout the year, 7000- 8000 Metric tons of BSC landings recorded every year and also the BSC landed for about 3-4 months in the Bay of Bengal near Kakinada, Andhra.

70-80% of exported crabmeat is pasteurized and 20% is cut/section crabs. A portion of Crabs landed are well utilized in the domestic market.

India’s exported crabs contribute 1% to India’s total marine products exports. India’s exports of pasteurized crab meat contributes less than 5% share to the US market share.

FIP Progress

The FIP team is coordinated by Dr. G. Sanjeeviraj. Recently he and his field Survey staff, started collecting data on BSC in accordance with the Principles stipulated in the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) from the bulk quantity landing center at Vellapatti (Tuticorin) in Gulf of Mannar region.

The Fishery Management Plan (FMP)  is currently being drafted and will be made available January, 2018 and officially introduced at the stakeholders meeting in February, 2018.

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